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Occupational Medicine



Protecting the Health of Your Business and Your Workforce

Freeman OccuMed has been the area’s leading provider of occupational health services since 1992. Our experienced team of professionals, led by a board-certified occupational medicine physician, strives to continually exceed employers’ expectations. With more than 50 years' combined experience, our team’s expertise provides a unique perspective crucial to your business.

Our healthcare providers partner with you to find cost-effective solutions to help your employees remain healthy and productive. Our innovative services, such as WorkSTEPS® and OccuTrac®, offer effective ways to control employee health costs and manage occupational health.

Expedite Your Employees’ Treatment
We understand your time is valuable. For your convenience, we offer a downloadable employer authorization form. To expedite the treatment process, please confirm that we have your permission to provide services by completing the form, including any special treatment or billing instructions. You may send us the form via fax to the appropriate clinic location or your employee may bring the form to his or her appointment. If you have questions, please feel free to call any of our clinics. 

Download Employer Authorization Form


  • Exclusive WorkSTEPS® employment testing program provider
  • Physical exams
  • DOT physicals
  • FAA physicals
  • Audiograms and vision exams
  • Blood-borne pathogen vaccinations and exposure management
  • TB testing
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Carpal tunnel screening
  • International travel medicine services
  • Radiology services
  • Physical therapy provided by Freeman work injury therapy
  • Sincerity-of-effort testing
  • Ratings
  • Functional capacity evaluation (FCE)
  • Independent medical exam (IME)
  • Online reporting of physicals and screenings through OccuTrac®
  • Customized corporate wellness programs


More OccuMed Services

Freeman OccuTrac®
Freeman OccuTrac®
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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Freeman OccuMed provides comprehensive, reliable drug testing for hundreds of area companies, collecting more than 17,000 drug screens per year. Freeman OccuMed understands DOT regulations and maintains certifications that exceed industry standards including those set by the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA). The Medical Review Officer Certification Council accredits Freeman OccuMed physicians.

Drug Screens

  • Fast and efficient drug screen collections, in accordance with DOT regulations
  • NDASA-certified professional collectors
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration certified laboratory
  • Hair testing
  • Post-offer/pre-placement, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and DOT testing
  • Pre-scheduled on-site drug and alcohol screenings available at no additional cost
  • Accurate results available online
  • Same-day results available through express testing


Alcohol Screens

  • Certified breath alcohol technicians utilize intoximeters
  • Collections in accordance with DOT regulations
  • Saliva alcohol screening available



Physical Exams

Freeman OccuMed conducts a variety of physical exams to ensure that your employees meet the physical requirements necessary to get the job done.

  • Preplacement physical exams for appropriate work assignments
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
  • Medical surveillance examinations for workplace exposure to asbestos, lead, hazardous materials, and other requirements of the workplace or OSHA guidelines
  • Hearing and vision exams
  • Large group physicals available at Freeman OccuMed clinics or your facility


All physicals require an appointment. Please call our clinic to schedule an appointment for your employee.


A healthy workplace impacts your bottom line

Freeman Preventive Services provides customized, confidential wellness programs that educate and motivate individuals to identify health risks and achieve healthier lifestyles through prevention and early detection.

Starting with your goals and working within your budget, we can help improve the overall health, wellness and productivity of your workforce by creating a tailored wellness program for your organization. With any wellness program, the goal is to reduce healthcare costs, sick time and disability costs as well as improve recruitment and retention. Our service confidentially collects individual employee information to provide results in a group summary report to the employer. To ensure confidentiality, we do not share employees’ individual data with the employer or insurance company.

Step 1 - Schedule an assessment of your wellness needs

Step 2 - Choose your employee wellness screening preference

Health Risk Assessment and Biometrics – a one-time employee health screening that includes an executive summary showing the overall lab results of your workforce, a group summary report, individual reports available to employees upon request, and wellness consultation to establish an action plan.

Freeman Screen Team ® – on-site employee health screenings, including blood pressure; body fat composition; blood drawn for lipid panel, glucose, and prostate; hearing, vision, and osteoporosis; colorectal screening kits; health education and prevention information.

Step 3 - Review your results

Each workforce determines its own specific wellness program - based on the results of your employee screenings. These results define the overall top health risks for the entire workforce, which allows you to choose specific wellness services to target those risks.

Step 4 - Establish your tailored wellness program

Evaluate the overall health status and top health risks of your workforce to determine your wellness and prevention needs. For your convenience, we can perform most programs on-site at your location.

A few of the many services provided to help you build a healthier workforce:

  • Nursing services
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress and depression management
  • Mammograms
  • Hearing screenings
  • Executive physicals
  • Exercise and fitness programs


Every employer wants a healthy, productive workforce ... now you can do something about it.

Freeman Preventive Services



Testing Accreditation

Freeman OccuMed is accredited by National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA). The NDASA comprises leaders in the drug and alcohol testing industry who focus on raising the accuracy of urine specimen collections. The Accredited Collection Facility Program assures that Freeman OccuMed upholds the highest standards for its facility and operation as well as its personnel. To receive accreditation, Freeman OccuMed met the following standards.

Adhere to strict standards in the following areas

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Company services standards
  • Specimen holding
  • Operational practices
  • Facility Equipment
  • Business Ethics

Maintain a staff of Certified Professional Collectors (CPC):

  • CPCs are formally trained in NDASA collector training course
  • A certified professional collector trainer is on staff
  • CPCs must have experience in collecting specimens and are tested for their proficiency level
  • NDASA strict standards assure professional and consistent specimen collection for Freeman OccuMed clients, confidentiality for the donor, and security, integrity and control of the specimen. 
  • NDASA accreditation helps to reduce the number of specimen collection errors in workplace drug testing, which saves Freeman OccuMed clients time and money.   


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Meet the Team

Dennis Estep, DO - Medical Director
Dennis Estep, DO - Medical Director


Meet Dr. Estep
Ronald D. Edwards, MD
Ronald D. Edwards, MD


Meet Dr. Edwards
Natalie Davenport-Hernandez, FNP-C
Natalie Davenport-Hernandez, FNP-C


Meet Natalie
LaDale Grant, FNP-C
LaDale Grant, FNP-C


Meet LaDale
Michelle Harris, MSN                FNP-C
Michelle Harris, MSN FNP-C


Meet Michelle
Kyle W. Kennedy, DO, FACOEP
Kyle W. Kennedy, DO, FACOEP


Meet Dr. Kennedy
Linda Sitton, MSN, FNP-BC
Linda Sitton, MSN, FNP-BC


Meet Linda
Robert Denton, PA
Robert Denton, PA


Jennifer Moore, FNP-C
Jennifer Moore, FNP-C

Jennifer Moore, FNP-C

Rick Haggard, DO
Rick Haggard, DO


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