We help you reduce workplace injuries

WorkSTEPS®, offered exclusively in this area through Freeman OccuMed, provides reliable, medically and legally defensible employment testing and effectively reduces workplace injuries and subsequent costs. Available nationwide with a database of more than one million individuals tested, WorkSTEPS provides post-offer, fit-for-duty and return-to-work programs.

Implementation of WorkSTEPS has enabled hundreds of industries to realize significant incidence and cost reductions. Data generated by WorkSTEPS has been used to successfully litigate fraudulent injury claims.

The WorkSTEPS program

  • Identifies persons who do not meet the physical demands of the job
  • Assists employers in appropriately matching employees to safe and appropriate job positions
  • Collects baseline physical measurements for comparative analysis of post-testing injury/trauma
  • Assists in successful medical/legal intervention by comparing an employee’s pre-injury and post-injury status
  • Determines physical/functional loss
  • Qualifies legitimate injuries
  • Negates illegitimate claims and deters unwarranted payment of workers’ compensation benefits
  • Assists in identifying persons with preexisting cardiovascular, degenerative, or cumulative trauma disorders
  • Expedites rehabilitation and return to work after injury
  • ADA and EEOC compliant
  • Provides sincerity-of-effort testing


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