Freeman Neosho Hospital

113 West Hickory Street

Neosho, Missouri 64850


Freeman Neosho Hospital is located in Neosho and is part of Freeman Health System. A 25-bed medical/surgical hospital, Freeman Neosho offers world-class inpatient treatment as well as a growing array of outpatient medical care services close to home and family.

For those requiring emergency medical care, Freeman Neosho Hospital offers an emergency room staffed by experienced physicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients receive infusion therapy and cardiac rehabilitation at the La-Z-Boy® Therapeutic Center located near the hospital's main entrance. Leading-edge computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services are available for patients in the Larry D. Neff CT-MRI Suite.

In addition to ever-expanding hospital services, Freeman Neosho Physician Group provides the area with convenient access to physicians and an array of medical services, including primary care and specialty care. Even though Freeman Urgent Care locations are just a few miles away in Webb City and Joplin, our Walk-in Clinic is available for immediate healthcare needs and is open 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. Freeman Neosho Hospital also offers primary care services to people in Newton and McDonald counties at Freeman Seneca Family Medicine and Freeman Clinic of Anderson.


Freeman Neosho Hospital

336 S. Jefferson St.
Neosho, MO
417.455.4278 (pediatrics only)

Freeman Ambulance Service: 417.845.1133 (call 911 for emergency dispatch)

Meet our providers

Freeman Neosho Hospital provides Neosho and surrounding communities with convenient access to physicians and an array of medical services, including:

Inpatient Services

  • General Surgery
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Critical care (ICU)
  • Emergency services and air ambulance
  • Medical and surgical care
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Respiratory care
  • Skilled nursing
  • Speech therapy
  • Surgical services
  • Wound care and consultation

Outpatient Services

  • Cardiac rehabilitation 
  • Infusion therapy, including IV infusion therapy, IV antibiotics, injections, blood administration, PICC line flushes and dressing changes, and Infusaport flushes 
  • Laboratory 
  • Screening mammography
  • QuickMeds
  • Health Essentials
  • Bone density studies
  • General surgery
  • Endoscopy
  • Physical, Speech and Occupational therapy
  • Radiology, including x-ray, ultrasound and MRI
  • Wound care and consultation

Mental and Behavioral Care

Ozark Center offers comprehensive mental and behavioral healthcare to residents in Neosho and surrounding communities. To request an appointment, please call 417.347.7600.

Freeman Neosho Physician Group  (Click here for more information)       

Freeman Rural Medicine Clinic 
The Freeman Rural Family Medicine Residency Clinic is a new 4,266-square-foot addition to Freeman Neosho Physician Group building, located across from Freeman Neosho Hospital, opened in November 2023.  The $1.2 million expansion provides Neosho and the surrounding communities in Newton and McDonald Counties with convenient access to physicians and medical services. It increases clinic and office space, including the addition of 14 examination rooms, consultation area and a small laboratory, and serves as the academic center for the Family Medicine Residency program Freeman currently operates in affiliation with Kansas City University.

The Rural Family Medicine Residency Clinic, which provides care for the entire family through every stage of life, adds two new resident physicians each year for three-year clinical stints. Typically, these doctors in training develop skills in laboratory work, medical procedures and patient care. Two more doctors will come aboard every year. The program in Neosho focuses on training physicians to work in rural settings far away from extensive medical facilities in larger cities.

Missouri is one of 10 states most in need of primary care professionals, according to a published Health Resources and Services Administration report. The Show-Me State met just 20.2 percent of required staffing needs in 2022.

The residency clinic is now scheduling new patients – infants through seniors – and appointments can be made by calling 417.347.4200. 

Freeman OccuMed (Click here for more information)

Helpful Resources

    What to Bring

    When you visit the hospital, having essential information on hand reduces stress and makes your visit more pleasant.

    Please bring the following:

    • A list or chart of current medications you're taking. You may bring the bottles with you for reference.
    • Insurance, Medicare, and/or Medicaid card(s)
    • Photo ID such as driver's license, passport, employee photo ID badge, military ID, or government-issued identification
    • Military medical card
    • A copy of your advance medical directives
    • Employer information for workers' compensation claims
    • Guarantor (person responsible for the bill) information; this information may change due to divorce or custody issues
    • Automobile insurance card (in cases of automobile accident)
    • Test order from physician
    • Attending physician information
    • Pre-authorization and/or referrals
    • Financial means to cover any patient-responsible balances such as co-payment or deductibles. In addition to cash and personal checks, we accept most major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

    Freeman provides patient gowns, nonskid socks and personal hygiene items; however, many patients prefer to bring their own items from home. The list below may be helpful in preparing for your hospital stay.

    • Bathrobe
    • Comfortable, loose-fitting pajamas for each day
    • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to wear home
    • Undergarments, socks, and nonskid slippers or shoes
    • Eye glasses, contacts, or hearing aids
    • Personal toiletry items
    • Entertainment (books, magazines, etc.)
    • Photos or personal items

    We understand that patients need to bring items such as eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aids. Ask the nursing staff to label items such as clothing, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, hearing aids/cases, eyeglasses/cases and denture cups.

    What not to bring

    Freeman cannot be responsible for items not turned over to the hospital staff for safekeeping. For your protection, please do not bring the following:

    • Valuable jewelry, electronic equipment, etc.
    • Large amounts of cash
    • Credit cards (other than those needed for co-pays and deductibles)

    Protect your valuables

    Follow these tips to protect your belongings:

    • Do not put eyeglasses, dentures, or other valuables on meal trays, in your bed, or in pillowcases—they could be removed from your room by mistake if mixed in with in with dirty dishes or laundry.
    • Keep eyeglasses in their case when not in use (to avoid breakage or loss).
    • Use only designated containers for dentures and hearing aids.
    • Use the hospital safe to secure your valuables until you leave the hospital.


    Family participation
    We encourage family participation in your care to the extent that will best meet your needs. Family and friends should not visit if they are ill.

    Nighttime security

    For your safety, doors locked from 9 pm-5 am

    Telephones and cell phones

    • You may reach a patient room by dialing 347 + the room number
    • To place calls outside the hospital, dial 9 + the telephone number
    • Cell phones may be used in waiting areas, cafeterias and courtyards.
    • Please note: due to the possibility of electronic interference with medical equipment, the use of cell phones is prohibited in all other areas.

    Visitors to Neosho

    How to reach a patient

    • You may reach a patient room by dialing 347 + the room number
    • Cell phones may be used in waiting areas, cafeterias, and courtyard areas; due to the possibility of electronic interference with medical equipment, cell phone use is prohibited in all other areas

    Mail a card or letter to a patient

    Freeman Neosho Hospital
    Patient's Name
    113 West Hickory Street
    Neosho, MO 64850

    Entrance closings

    • Emergency Room entrance located at the west side of Freeman Neosho remains open 24 hours. The Main entrance is open from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm.


    Waiting areas

    • First floor Emergency Room, second floor ICU/Surgery area.

    Parking is available at Freeman Neosho. The parking lots are located north and south of the hospital.

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