Keeping you in the game

Freeman Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine combines forces with Freeman athletic trainers to provide world-class care to recreational, high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Our team provides athletic injury assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and follow-up evaluations tailored to your needs. From diagnosis to treatment, through rehabilitation and recovery, our team gets you back in the game. Actively involved in the community, our athletic trainers perform on-site injury assessment and treatment during athletic events. Because injuries don't always occur during regular business hours, we have a certified athletic trainer on-call every weekend.

Throughout the year, Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center provides free annual preparticipation physical exams to an estimated 2,000 middle school, high school and college athletes from 26 area schools. We also make school visits to assist doctors, coaches and school nurses in caring for injured athletes.

Our multidisciplinary team includes:

  • Certified athletic trainers
  • Licensed physical therapists
  • Fellowship-trained sports medicine specialists
  • Consulting orthopaedic physicians
  • Mobile Sports Medicine Center — sports medicine on wheels


We believe that prevention is the best medicine, so in addition to injury care, we provide educational programs and seminars for coaches, athletic trainers, parent groups and community organizations on topics such as:

  • Recognition and treatment of athletic injuries
  • Sports nutrition
  • Development of flexibility and conditioning programs.


Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is physical therapy performed in water under the direction of a licensed physical therapist. Through aquatic therapy, you can increase your strength, range of motion, and flexibility. The warmth of the water soothes aches and encourages muscle relaxation, while the buoyancy of water reduces body mass and increases support.

Our HydroWorx® aquatic therapy pool, unique to our region, features a treadmill and underwater camera to allow specially-trained therapists to monitor patients during therapy. The floor rises and lowers to meet patients’ needs, making it more accessible for all patients to enter, exercise and exit the pool.

Patients with a variety of conditions may benefit from aquatic therapy:

  • Back injuries and postoperative rehabilitation
  • Fibromyalgia/chronic pain
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Lower extremity injuries
  • Total joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Athletic injury rehabilitation
  • Stroke and neurological conditions


Getting started
Please note that aquatic therapy isn’t appropriate for every patient—your physician can determine whether this type of treatment is best for you. Consult your physician if you’re interested in receiving aquatic therapy.


Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema, a condition in which fluid collects in tissue, can cause swelling in various parts of the body, usually the arms and legs. While no cure exists, Freeman Lymphedema Clinic can help you control the symptoms through treatment and education. We're committed to providing the highest level of care and we work closely with your physician to best meet your treatment needs. Our experienced clinicians have achieved certification in the Vodder Technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

A physician referral is required for treatment, and treatment should begin as soon as possible.

Lymphedema symptoms:

  • Swelling of hands, feet, limbs, or other body parts
  • Skin dryness and thickness
  • Heaviness, aching, and tightness
  • Lymph fluid leakage
  • Limited movement
  • Repeated infections 
  • Joint pain
  • Difficulty fitting into clothes


Treatment may include:

  • Skin care to heal wounds and eliminate bacteria
  • Manual lymphatic drainage to empty and decompress obstructed lymph vessels
  • Compression bandages to prevent the affected limb from refilling
  • Remedial exercises to facilitate drainage of fluid
  • Recommendations to prevent further swelling


Lymphedema supplies

As a convenience, we partner with Freeman Health Essentials and Pink Door Boutique in prescribing health-related garments and other products to support your treatment.

Support Group

Our lymphedema support group meets quarterly and features educational programs, speakers and tips for care at home. A newsletter detailing upcoming events and up-to-date helpful information about lymphedema can be mailed to you upon request.


Training Classes

    When it comes to running, many people focus on running to train, rather than training to run. Train 2 Run (T2R), a Freeman Rehabilitation & Sports Center program, is a functional strength-training program that aims to teach experienced runners smarter and more efficient ways to prepare for running. The Train 2 Run program teaches you how to stay healthy and injury-free, so you can run longer and with greater success.


    • Reduce injury risk and improve resilience to overuse-related running injuries
    • Improve running performance
    • Promote a stronger, healthier community of local runners


    2020 Fall Classes Have Been Cancelled


    Class descriptions

    T2R Foundations (All levels)  MONDAY 6:00PM – This circuit-style strength class is designed for both beginner and veteran runners. The focus of this class will be to help runners move better, increase strength and improve running efficiency. It is recommended that all participants for this class have the ability to perform cardio exercise for at least 30 minutes without stopping.

    T2R Circuit (Intermediate level) ­ TUESDAY 5:30PM  This class focuses on strength training using high intensity interval training workouts. The workouts are fast paced and will get your heart rate up. The main goal of the class is to offer an alternative form of aerobic training that mimics the same cardiovascular training effect experienced with running while also getting the body stronger and more resilient to injury. This is an intermediate level class. We recommend all participants have the ability to run for at least 30 minutes without stopping.

    T2R Extreme (Advanced) – THURSDAY 6:00PM – This is an advanced level class designed to help those who want to improve their speed at 5K and 10K races. The first step many runners take towards getting faster is to incorporate shorter distance speed work into their training. Speed work can be extremely beneficial to running performance but does place very high demands on the body, leaving runners at increased risk for injury. This class will help prepare runners for the higher strength demands required during speed work. Workouts in this class are designed to mimic the same cardiovascular and neuromuscular training challenges that speed work places on the body. This is a fast paced class that will get your heart rate up. It is recommended that you be able to run 5-10K distance without stopping before signing up for this class.

    ACTIVITY RELEASE OF LIABILITYby completing this class registration, I hereby waive, release, and forever discharge all claims, rights, and causes of action of any kind or nature for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators against Freeman Health System, their agents, servants, officers, employees, directors, representatives and assigns for injury or illness which may directly or indirectly result from my participation i the Freeman Train 2 Run classes, even if such injury or illness results from the negligence of Freeman Health System. I further agree to hold said parties harmless and agree to idemnify each of said persons against all liability for any loss, cost, injury, or damage to persons or property which may arise by virtue of the undersigned engaging in Train 2 Run classes. I further state that I am in proper physical condition to participate in this program.


    Who can I contact with questions?
    Email Kendra Cochran at or call Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center at 417.347.3737 during regular business hours.

    Freeman Rehabilitation & Sports Center offers a variety of summer strength and conditioning programs for area high school and junior high student athletes.

    All programs include:

    • Warm-ups: introduction in the use of dynamic warm-ups–this innovative exercise pairs flexibility and mobility with coordination and balance
    • Agility: ladders, hurdles, cones, and reaction balls can help with hand-eye coordination and timing
    • Core: suspension training, physioball, body weight, and medicine balls
    • Lower extremity strength: kettle bells, suspension training, and body weight exercises
    • Lower extremity plyometrics: the body's ability to land safely is more important than the vertical distance of the jump. Our athletic trainers can help make needed adjustments for a safe jump.
    • Testing: to show measurable results and goals from the program, we conduct pre-testing and post-testing, including Functional Movement Screen® and Y Balance Test™

    High school and junior high school programs

    Providing area athletes with strength and conditioning exercises for each skill level to improve agility, vertical jump, balance, core strength and overall athletic performance. Working with school’s summer training programs already in place, we hope to increase each athlete’s potential while decreasing risk of injury. Freeman certified athletic trainers will instruct and lead sessions, as well as perform testing to show measurable results from the program.

    For more information about the Train 2 Perform program, contact James Bolin, Freeman Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer, 417.347.3737.

    Golf Fitness2Perform is a golf-specific program led by Freeman physical therapists Frank Eitemiller and Tyge Sanborn. Both are Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified professionals.

    Several programs are available for golfers at every level of interest and ability. Each program provides physical assessment of flexibility, strength, balance and stability, video swing analysis, and specific exercise programs to address opportunities for improvement.

    Eagle program

    • One-on-one program with a TPI certified golf fitness professional
    • Results provided to participant’s golf pro, if requested
    • Evaluation session includes golf-specific physical screen and
    • 2-D video swing analysis with DVD copy
    • Five workout sessions (45-60 minutes each session)
    • Re-evaluation of physical screen and video swing analysis

    Birdie program

    • 18-session web-based program that can be performed at home, gym, etc.
    • Results provided to participant’s golf pro, if requested
    • Evaluation session includes golf-specific physical screen and 2-D video swing analysis with DVD copy
    • Establish custom workout program to address specific opportunities to improve—based on the physical screen

    Par program

    • Evaluation session includes golf-specific physical screen and 2-D video swing analysis with DVD copy
    • Establish custom workout program to address specific opportunities to improve—based on the physical screen

    Group program

    • 3-5:1 ratio of clients to TPI instructor
    • Individual evaluation session includes golf-specific physical screen and 2-D video swing analysis with DVD copy
    • Establish custom workout program to address specific opportunities to improve—based on the physical screen
    • Five group workout sessions with focus on each individual’s specific opportunities to improve (45-60 minutes)
    • Re-evaluation of physical screen and video swing analysis

    For additional information, call 417.347.3737 or 417.359.0625.

    Bringing Sports Medicine to you

    Sports Medicine Hits the Road

    The Freeman Mobile Sports Medicine Center is a full-service, mobile clinic that allows our team of experienced physicians and athletic trainers, to treat athletes in a comfortable, private atmosphere.

    For more than twenty years, the Winnebago has traveled more than 100,000 miles to provide a number of healthcare services. Physicians have the capability to provide sutures, start IVs, administer oxygen and utilize an automatic external defibrillator. In addition, the Mobile Sports Medicine Center carries an x-ray processor to provide immediate on-site feedback. Athletes suffering with heat-illness symptoms and dehydration can receive treatment quickly through the fluids supplied intravenously or orally in air-conditioned comfort.

    The Freeman athletic training team travels with the Mobile Sports Medicine Center to many types of events including high school football games, track meets, other tournaments, and all Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) home football games and the NCAA Division II National Cross-country Meet at MSSU. The Mobile Sports Medicine Center also provides coverage for local community events such as USA Baseball and Premier Baseball tournaments, the Charles Spradling Kids Classic Run, and Boomtown Days.


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