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Freeman Welcomes MedFlight

May 30, 2019

Air Ambulance Crew Returns to Joplin and Increases Access to Care in Rural Areas

Freeman Health System is proud to welcome MedFlight back to the Joplin area. The air ambulance program enhances Freeman’s ability to provide quality, life-saving emergency transportation services. Patients with traumatic injuries or conditions like heart attack or stroke require rapid transport to the hospital, and every second counts.

Communication between Freeman emergency room doctors and MedFlight crew members is critical during emergencies. While crews stabilize a patient in the field, nurses and doctors inside Freeman Emergency Department prepare for life-saving interventions or surgery.

Freeman Hospital West has two main helipads located outside Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute and one hot off-load helipad with direct elevator access to state-of-the-art emergency room trauma bays. MedFlight air ambulance also provides emergency transport services to and from Freeman Neosho.