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Freeman OccuMed Purchases Goggles to Demonstrate Impairment

June 17, 2019

Goggles Demonstrate the Dangers of Working Under the Influence

Freeman OccuMed purchased seven specialized goggles to demonstrate the dangers of working under the influence of drugs, alcohol and sleep deprivation. The goggles are available for area employers to borrow for safety training and education, including reasonable suspicion training.

Reasonable suspicion training helps supervisors recognize substance use and impairment in the workplace. Trained supervisors observe changes in behavior and make a determination if the employee is under the influence and requires drug or alcohol testing, according to their company’s policy.

“The benefits of a drug-free workforce are well-researched and include fewer accidents, lower absenteeism and increased productivity,” said Dr. Rick Haggard, Freeman OccuMed Medical Director. “This training increases supervisors’ confidence in their role in identifying impairment and improving safety among the workforce.”

Freeman OccuMed purchased six goggles from Drunk Busters of America, LLC. The goggles individually simulate impairment while under the influence of marijuana, alcohol and sleep deprivation. The goggles work by utilizing vision distorting lenses to simulate a variety of adverse effects, including delayed reaction time and decision-making, disorientation, vertigo, impaired balance and coordination, and blurry vision. 

One pair of Fatal Vision® marijuana goggles was purchased from Innocorp, Ltd. Rather than distorting vision, the goggles simulate cognitive dysfunction while under the influence. Through a series of specially designed exercises that rely on tinted goggle lenses and color-coded activities, the tinted lenses filter out visual cues and increase the participant’s dependence on short-term memory to complete the tasks. The loss of visual cues make it difficult to memorize the sequence of steps required to successfully complete the task, demonstrating the potentially severe consequences that come from impairment.

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