Online Suicide Prevention Event

Non - Recurring Event
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Suicide Prevention Event

Online Suicide Prevention Event

1:00 pm Thursday, September 10

A person dies by suicide every 11.2 minutes; that’s more than 129 lives lost every day.* Most of would like to think we would take action if someone we know was thinking about suicide, but many of us aren’t sure what action we should take.

This Suicide Prevention Day, learn the warning signs so you can support those struggling with thoughts of self-harm. You can save a life simply by connecting, communicating and caring.

Hosted by Ozark Center, this FREE virtual event includes:

  • Training about how to talk to someone who might have suicidal thoughts, how to persuade the individual to seek help and information about local resources available to someone needing support. (Question, Persuade and Refer or QPR Training for adults)
  • Q&A with Ozark Center staff
  • Free online depression screenings
  • Memorial origami boat launch for local lives impacted by suicide


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*American Foundation for Suicide Prevention