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Your November Health To-Do List

November 07, 2014

Get your flu shot

Get your flu shot
Influenza (the flu) is a very contagious disease, easily spread through coughing and sneezing. While anyone can become infected with the flu, children, older adults, pregnant women and people with chronic medical conditions have an increased risk because of serious flu complications. Freeman considers yearly flu vaccinations the most important step in preventing the spread of the flu. Vaccinations are recommended for everyone 6 months or older. Get your flu shot at QuickMeds Pharmacy™!

Commit to quitting smoking
Smokers across the nation will be marking their calendars for the Great American Smokeout on November 20. The Great American Smokeout is a great opportunity for smokers to plan ahead to quit smoking on that date, even if for just one day. Will you join them?

If you need help quitting smoking, Ozark Center also provides smoking cessation classes. Smoking cessation classes provide participants with support, resources and materials at no charge. To learn how to sign up, please call 417.347.7730.

Practice mindfulness
With the holidays just around the corner, it can be hard to be mindful and present through all the planning, shopping and traveling. In this blog post, Freeman Wellness Coordinator Kris Drake, there offers several great tips to help you practice mindfulness and stay in the moment. Read more.