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Refer an RN: RN Referral Program

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Greatness is defined by the excellence of our staff. As a member of our team, you not only bring your best to work each day, you're also able to recognize greatness in others. That's why we need your help in referring potential registered nurses! With your efforts, we can help grow the Freeman family and continue to provide the best care to our community.

Referrals submitted for all bedside RNs may be eligible for a referral bonus of $1,500. The RN must accept the offer for the referrer to receive a bonus check. If duplicate RN referral is submitted, a bonus will be awarded to the first referrer. Employee must provide the correct phone number or email for the referred RN or the form will be void. If the online referral form is not completed by the time of offer, form will be void and the referrer will not be eligible for the bonus. The referred employee must accept at least 24hr/week. The program does not include internal transfers from one department to another.

Referrals will be accepted for Graduate Nurses in the approved departments as long as the Graduate Nurse has not already accepted a position at Freeman Health System. The Graduate Nurse must have passed the NCLEX at the time of payout or the form will be void.

Any discrepancies will be reviewed by the Chief Human Resource Officer.

The IRS considers a benefit of this magnitude taxable.

This program is exclusive to Freeman employees only. If you are employed by Freeman, please complete the form below.

For more information, contact Freeman Talent Acquisition at 417.347.3770 or email


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