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Fall Travel with Diabetes

October 08, 2015

Susan Pittman, RD, LD, CDE
Fall is a great time of year to take a trip – the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to turn beautiful colors.

Travelling when you have diabetes can pose some challenges; however with proper planning, your trips will be fun and worry-free.

A change in your normal routine may increase your risk of high or low blood sugar. Often, when you are traveling, you are walking more. On the other hand, you may be eating more unfamiliar foods that you are not able to count as easily into your meal plan. Keeping your meter and extra strips with you will help you closely monitor your blood sugar. Certainly, if you are not feeling well, you should check your blood sugar.

Make sure to bring nonperishable snacks, such as  glucose tablets and juice boxes, in case meals are delayed. Keeping these snacks close by will make it easier to treat low blood sugar. If your blood sugar has dropped to less than 70 mg/dL, you’ll need to consume a fast acting carbohydrate such as the glucose tablets or juice mentioned above.

If you are going to be gone on an overnight trip, make sure to bring extra medication or emergency prescriptions in case you are delayed getting back home. An insurance card and emergency contact phone numbers will help if you run into any medical emergency along the way. If traveling by air, ask your physician for a note to help you get diabetes supplies through security at the airport. Also, research where to find medical care in the area can be helpful. Other supplies that are helpful to have with you while traveling include: extra batteries, cell phone, medical alert bracelet, waterproof insulated bag or cooler for insulin, comfortable shoes and an extra pair of socks.

Most of all, remember that getting away from your day-to-day routine should be fun and enjoyable!