Registration for winter Train 2 Run classes is closed. All classes are sold out. To be added to the waiting list, please email Kendra Boswell.

Train 2 Run

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Train smarter
When it comes to running, many people focus on running to train, rather than training to run. Train 2 Run (T2R), a Freeman Rehabilitation & Sports Center program, is a functional strength-training program that aims to teach experienced runners smarter and more efficient ways to prepare for running. The Train 2 Run program teaches you how to stay healthy and injury-free, so you can run longer and with greater success.


  1. Reduce injury risk and improve resilience to overuse-related running injuries
  2. Improve running performance
  3. Promote a stronger, healthier local community of runners

Who can participate?
All classes are open to the public. Due to the high-intensity nature of the class, we recommend that all participants have the ability to run or perform cardio exercise for at least 30 minutes. If you are new to running or want to learn about healthy ways to start running, we recommend you first try a run/walk program or enroll in an “Anyone Can Run” class to help you build a good fitness base.

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When do classes start?
All classes will begin the week of January 13 and end the week of March 17. All T2R classes meet for 10 consecutive weeks and take place at the Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center.

Classes available:

  • Monday 6:30 pm - circuit training with lower body and core emphasis sold out; waiting list only
  • Tuesday 5:30 pm - circuit training with lower body and core emphasis sold out; waiting list only
  • Wednesday 6:30 pm - circuit training with upper body and core emphasis sold out; waiting list only
  • Thursday 5:30 pm - circuit training with upper body and core emphasis sold out; waiting list only
Please note: we will alternate upper and lower body emphasis days every 2-3 weeks, so those who are only attending a Train2Run class once per week will get a good mix of total body training.

How is class structured?
Classes usually last 80 minutes per session. During the first 15 minutes of class, participants perform a movement preparation warm-up and receive workout instructions. Workouts will last approximately 60 minutes. During workouts, participants will split into teams—each team will rotate through a cycle of boot-camp style strength circuits using a form of aerobic training called high intensity interval training. As the sole focus of this class is strength training, classes will not include any running.

What is the cost of the program?

  • One class/week: $80
  • Two classes/week: $150

Who can I contact with questions?
Email Kendra Boswell or call Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center during business hours.

Train 2 Run, a runners bootcamp

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