Freeman Neosho Hospital offers bedside technology in ER

Thursday, September 30, 2010 - Freeman Neosho Hospital offers bedside technology in ER

JOPLIN, Mo.—Two grants from Missouri Office of Rural Health assisted Freeman Neosho Hospital with the purchase a mobile ultrasound system. Used within the Emergency Department, the SonoSite® S-FAST™ 1.3 has given physicians and nurses the capability to perform bedside digital imaging, thus improving response time and increasing the quality of patient care.

“Freeman Neosho Hospital is truly excited to add this state-of-the-art equipment to its Emergency Department,” said Daxton Holcomb, Freeman Neosho CEO. “The use of mobile ultrasound technology enables physicians and nurses to provide immediate, accurate, and painless digital images. Improved response time and quality of care has advanced our patient service.”

Previously when ultrasound technology was needed, staff transported patients from the Emergency Department to Radiology; now, such technology is available at the patients’ bedside. Sonosite S-FAST 1.3 uses ultrasound waves to find abnormalities, specifically among trauma patients. The equipment has the capability to identify bleeding, heart injuries, and foreign bodies and can inspect the gall bladder. It is the only mobile ultrasound approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to evaluate the eye.

Images taken from the mobile ultrasound are stored within the patient’s electronic health record, making them immediately available system-wide to consulting physicians.

“The majority of hospitals do not have access to this level of technology,” said Dr. Thomas Pinson, MD, MBA, CPE, Emergency Department Medical Director. “Whether critical access or larger facilities in general, this equipment is not universally found in an Emergency Department.”

Two Missouri Office of Rural Health grants totaling $29,046 supported the program. Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program and Missouri Rural Hospital Medicare Flexibility Program awards were combined to purchase the $44,000 equipment. Freeman Neosho Hospital provided the remainder of the funding.

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