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Concluding the Five-Gallon Jug Metaphor

Posted by Dr. Kimberly Fielding on September 19, 2014

As adults "pour" into the lives of children, adults can serve as a resource to fill children with the capacity to reach adulthood as happy, safe and healthy individuals. We have the explored areas of time management and emotional stability with this metaphor; those blog posts contained a key principle that can be applied in a variet... Continue reading »

Exercise during Pregnancy Questions & Answers
September 05, 2014
Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?
Exercising during pregnancy is safe and recommended. The rule of thumb is: in a normal healthy pregnancy, the exercise that you did bef... Continue reading »

The Family That Plays Together Stays Together
August 22, 2014
We have all heard the saying “the family that plays together stays together.” This really holds true, but living a busy life often means it is necessary to cut something out. You may be tempted to cut... Continue reading »

Summer Food & Fun
August 14, 2014
Summer barbeques and picnics can offer many tempting food choices that are high in calories and sugar. Knowing how to create a well-balanced meal helps keep your blood sugar level as close to normal a... Continue reading »

Pushing the Limits
August 08, 2014
My hobby outside of work is triathlons. This July, I concluded my biggest triathlon adventure yet – I completed 140.6 miles in one day at my first Ironman Triathlon. I learned a lot about my body whil... Continue reading »

The Five-Gallon Jug and Emotional Stability
July 31, 2014
Reviewing my previous five-gallon jug metaphor, I think the jug in my last blog post symbolized parents inv... Continue reading »

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