Ear, Nose, and Throat

Treating your family's ear, nose, and throat conditions

Ear, nose, or throat problems can affect people of any age and cause a lot of pain. Remedies may include lifestyle changes, medicines, surgery, or a combination of all three. Today, modern treatment techniques can relieve the pain and greatly improve many ear, nose, and throat conditions.

Freeman Ear, Nose & Throat Center, one of the most highly regarded otolaryngology/orofacial plastic surgery centers in the country, provides comprehensive treatment of head and neck maladies and exceptional patient care.

For more than two decades, the physicians at Freeman Ear, Nose & Throat Center have delivered progressive treatments for minor problems and the most complicated conditions, including:

  • General ear, nose, and throat surgery
  • Facial trauma surgery
  • Cancers of the head, neck, and face
  • Skin cancer
  • Treatment of thyroid and salivary gland tumors
  • Head and neck reconstructive surgery
  • Reconstructive facial plastic surgery
  • Ear diseases and surgery

Additionally, the center uses the latest equipment and instrumentation and serves as a training ground for future ear, nose, and throat doctors in association with the  Freeman Graduate Medical Education program and McIntire Medical Education Center.

For the convenience of patients needing hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and audiology services, Freeman Ear, Nose & Throat Center shares a building with Freeman Hearing Center.

Our physicians
Dr. Nathan Box Dr. Scott McClintick Dr. Kent McIntire Dr. Larry McIntire

Freeman Ear, Nose, & Throat building 

Freeman Health System Ear, Nose, & Throat Center
1331 W. 32nd St.
Joplin, MO

Dr. Nathan Box

Dr. Scott McClintick

Dr. Larry McIntire and Dr. Kent McIntire
417.347.6767 or 800.440.4905