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Winter Train 2 Run classes are full – registration has closed. 

Train 2 Run

When it comes to running, many people focus on running to train, rather than training to run. Train 2 Run (T2R), a Freeman Rehabilitation & Sports Center program, is a functional strength-training program that aims to teach experienced runners smarter and more efficient ways to prepare for running. The Train 2 Run program teaches you how to stay healthy and injury-free, so you can run longer and with greater success.


  • Reduce injury risk and improve resilience to overuse-related running injuries
  • Improve running performance
  • Promote a stronger, healthier local community of runners

2017 winter class schedule

Adult classes will begin the week of January 9 and end the week of March 13. Winter classes will be offered as a one or two time per week option for 10 consecutive weeks.

The Saturday Varsity Track Star classes for Jr. High and High school students will begin on January 14 and end on March 4. Please see below for descriptions of the classes.

Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Monday 5:30 pm – T2R Circuit (intermediate level)
  • Tuesday 6:30 pm – T2R Marathon Edition (intermediate level)
  • Wednesday 5:45 pm – T2R 5k/10k Edition (advanced level)
  • Thursday 6:30 pm – T2R Circuit for Beginners (beginning level)
  • Saturday 9:00 am – T2R Varsity Track Star Edition (Jr. High and High School students)

Winter class fees

One 10 week class – $75
Two 10 week classes – $130

*One soft style T2R t-shirt included in 10 week classes

One 8 week Jr. High/High School student class – $55

Class descriptions

T2R circuit (intermediate level) MONDAY 5:30 pm SOLD OUT
This class focuses on strength training using high intensity interval training style workouts. The workouts are fast paced and will get your heart rate up. The main goal of the class is to offer an alternative form of aerobic training that mimics the same cardiovascular training effect experienced with running while also working on getting the body stronger and more resilient to injury. This is an intermediate level class. We recommend all participants have the ability to run or perform cardio exercise for at least 30 minutes without stopping.

T2R marathon edition (intermediate level) TUESDAY 6:30 pm SOLD OUT
This class is designed to help those who are training for marathon and half marathon distance races. With longer distance training injury risk is increased. This class will help runners with counteracting the negative effects that higher mileage can have on the body. Workouts will incorporate strength exercises that will help with improving and maintaining mobility, muscle balance and postural strength. Participants will learn about the basics of good running mechanics and how strength training can help with maintaining good running form during longer distance races and training.

T2R 5k/10k edition (advanced level) WEDNESDAY 5:45 pm SOLD OUT
This is an advanced level class designed to help those who are wanting to improve their speed at the 5k/10k distance races. The first step many runners take towards getting faster is to incorporate shorter distance speed work into their training. Speed work can be extremely beneficial to running performance but does place very high demands on the body, leaving runners at increased risk for injury. This class will help prepare runner for the higher strength demands required during speed work. Workouts in this class are designed to mimic the same cardiovascular and neuromuscular training challenges that speed work places on the body. This is a fast paces class that will get your heart rate up. It is recommended that you are able to run at the 5k-10k distance without stopping before signing up for this class.

T2R circuit for beginners (beginning level) THURSDAY 6:30 pm SOLD OUT
This class is designed for those who are new to Train 2 Run. It is recommended that participants work out (strength training or cardio) regularly for at least a month before the start of class. Class will be fast paced, you will get your heart rate up. 

T2R varsity track star edition SATURDAY 9:00 am SOLD OUT
This class is for students to help prepare for their upcoming spring track season. This class will be 8 weeks long (ends 2 weeks before adult classes end). To register, students must be in 7th through 12th grade. Parents are welcome to register if they would like to participate with their kids in class. Workouts will incorporate exercises to help improve core strength and control. Plyometric drills will be included to improve coordination, explosive power and strength. During the course, the participants will learn about the basics of good running mechanics and how strength training can help.

Who can I contact with questions?
Email Kendra Cochran at or call Freeman Rehabilitation and Sports Center at 417.347.3737 during regular business hours.

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