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O-arm2® Imaging System

The leading edge of spinal care

Freeman recently upgraded to the revolutionary O-arm2® Imaging System, and acquired a second O-arm2® Imaging System – one of the most advanced imaging devices available – for use in spinal, orthopaedic, and trauma surgeries. 

During spinal surgery, precision means everything. O-arm technology provides surgeons with clear, real-time, 3-D images of the back, neck and spine bones. Images are displayed on a large, digital flat screen, allowing the surgeon to see precisely where to place surgical instruments and implants while maneuvering around delicate spinal nerves and organs. This helps preserve healthy tissue and shorten the length of surgery. As a result, patients typically experience less invasive surgeries, faster recovery times and improved outcomes.

A fully portable device, O-arm enables the surgeon to check implant placement before leaving the operating room, minimizing the need for follow-up adjustment procedures. Its use may also reduce the need for additional imaging before, during and after surgery.

The O-arm delivers a 360-degree scan and 3-D images with exceptional resolution in about 30 seconds.

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