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COVID and Return-to-Work Resources

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Your employees are your most valuable asset. At Freeman OccuMed, we help keep workforces healthy and productive, and this has never been more important than during the coronavirus crisis.

Check out these resources for keeping your workforce healthy through the COVID-19 pandemic and as they return to work. 

COVID-19 Testing for Employers

COVID Vaccination FAQs

Freeman OccuMed is dedicated to Keeping the Four States Working. Vaccination against COVID-19 is one step towards protecting workers against the transmission of this virus.

New information about COVID vaccination develops regularly and varies from state to state. Please note these questions pertain to the state of Missouri, as that is where Freeman currently hosts vaccination clinics.

Here are frequently asked questions and what we know to date. (Updated 2/11/21)

    Call 417.502.SHOT (417.502.7468) to verify eligibility and make an appointment. This number is experiencing exceptionally high call volumes. Please leave a message and your call will be returned.

    Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ vaccine distribution order outlines the industries included in each tier of the phased rollout.

    The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services determines the opening of subsequent phases, which is influenced by vaccine supply. Vaccine distribution is determined at the state and federal level.

    Expanded definitions of Missouri’s priority phases can be found at or by viewing the vaccine order published by the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services. The industry definitions are based on the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) guidelines, many of which are linked directly on the site. Please use your best judgement to classify your businesses and organization appropriately.


    To be vaccinated in Missouri, you have to live, work or receive primary care in the state.

    Freeman does not maintain a waiting list for unopened tiers at this time. Freeman will communicate directly with companies when their tiers open. Please text  FREEMANHEALTH to 22828 to join our list for updates.


    Freeman’s resources are focused on serving the community through large-scale, centralized vaccination sites. At this time, we do not anticipate providing oversight for PODs as this would further strain limited resources. Additional resources may be found here.

    At this time, OccuMed will not be providing onsite vaccinations. For comparison, vaccine clinics are more involved than flu clinics, requiring multiple hospital departments, additional state reporting, vaccine storage and transportation requirements and an observation area. Our efforts are focused on large-scale, centralized community clinics. We encourage your employees to attend an already established clinic at the provider of their choice.


    The Food and Drug Administration has approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines under the emergency use authorization (EUA). We do not know from week to week which manufacturer we will receive. It is recommended that you receive the same brand for both doses.


    The cost of the vaccine is subsidized by the federal government. While providers are allowed to charge an injection fee, that fee is currently being waived.


    Encourage employees who are considered high risk (age 65+ or qualified medical condition) to be vaccinated at the provider of their choice.


    Yes, patients who have recovered from COVID-19 are still encouraged to receive the vaccine.

    Patients must be at least 16 years old (and have documented parental consent) to receive the vaccine.


    Patients will self-identify vaccine eligibility when they complete the state registration form.