Medical Records

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Medical Records

While keeping track of your health records may not be a direct part of your treatment plan, it is an important step to managing your healthcare. Often, patients can access records online through their healthcare provider, employer or insurance provider. When that option is not available, know that you have a right to see and get a copy of your records. You can also sign a release if you want someone, such as a spouse or family member, to view your records. Parents of minors have the right to access their children’s records.

Along with hospital and physician records, it’s a good idea to keep your own records. This information will give a new doctor a good picture of your overall health history. Your personal health record should include: 

  • Primary care doctor’s name and phone number
  • Health insurance information 
  • Allergies, including drug allergies 
  • Medications, including dosages 
  • Chronic health problems, such as diabetes 
  • Major surgeries, with dates 
  • Hereditary conditions in your family history 
  • Immunization history 
  • Results of screening tests, such as cholesterol level, blood pressure, and A1C 
  • Exercise and dietary habits 
  • Living will or advance directives 
  • Organ donor authorization, if you have one

Need a copy of an X-ray or medical report?

It's easy to request a medical record from a patient visit at any of our hospitals, Freeman Urgent Care, Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute, Freeman Hearing Center or other Freeman facility. Just follow these two steps:

  1. Print and complete the Authorization for Release of Information form.
  2. Fax or mail the completed form to us:

      Mailing address

      Freeman Health System
      Attn: Medical Records
      1102 West 32nd Street
      Joplin, Missouri 6480
If you have questions about a medical record, contact the Release of Information Department at or 417.347.6685. Please do not email medical record requests.