Patient Information

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Patient Information

For your convenience, an ATM is available at the main entrance of Freeman West and Freeman East near the information desk.

Family participation
We encourage family participation in your care to the extent that will best meet your needs. Family and friends should not visit if they are ill.

Nighttime security

  • For your safety, doors locked from 9 pm-5 am
  • Freeman West: Main and Emergency entrances open at all times
  • Freeman East: Admitting entrance open at all times

Telephones and cell phones

  • You may reach a patient room by dialing 347 + the room number
  • To place calls outside the hospital, dial 9 + the telephone number
  • Cell phones may be used in waiting areas, cafeterias and courtyards.
  • Please note: due to the possibility of electronic interference with medical equipment, the use of cell phones is prohibited in all other areas

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