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Ozark Center Hosts “Why Can’t You Just Quit?” Discussion

March 17, 2022

New Innovative Solutions Monthly Series Helps Community Understand Mental Health and Substance Use Issues

JOPLIN, Mo. – “Why can’t you just quit?” This question is routinely asked in families where a person struggles with some form of addiction. Ozark Center, an entity of Freeman Health System, now offers Innovative Solutions, an interactive presentation for anyone who wants to better understand the struggle of addiction and other behavioral issues. 

“Ozark Center provides a myriad of services with highly trained professionals in all aspects of behavioral healthcare for our community, and we want to provide a monthly opportunity to share information about our available services through Innovative Solutions,” said Ozark Center Chief Clinical Officer Del Camp. “Despite the comprehensive nature and size of our organization, recovery and support for those experiencing mental health challenges truly lies within our community.”  

This new monthly series empowers our community to support those we know who live with mental health or substance use issues. The March topic is “Why Can’t You Just Quit?”: Understanding Addition for Those Who Are Not Addicted. 

“The purpose of the series is to equip the community with the tools necessary to support their friends, families and coworkers who are in recovery,” said Ozark Center New Directions Clinical Director Spence Ellis. “We also want to be sure to allow for questions during these interactive presentations. Our first event titled ‘Why Can’t You Just Quit’ speaks to the families whose loved ones continue addictive behavior choices despite negative consequences. In addition, it will also offer practical options for family members struggling with how to help them. We’ll also discuss some issues around opioid use disorder and provide some education for how to intervene in the event of an overdose.” 

The event is facilitated by trained addiction professionals at New Directions. Discussions are suitable for those 18 and over, and it is ideal for families impacted by addiction. This month’s Innovative Solutions session will take place from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm on Thursday, March 24, at Ozark Center Hope Spring at 3901 E. 32nd Street. The ongoing series of sessions will give the community more opportunities to discuss mental health and substance use issues.

“No organization is large enough to adequately support the full range of needs of those recovering from addiction or mental health disorders,” said Camp. “Innovative Solutions aims to provide information about topics including addiction, suicide prevention, overdose response, eating disorders, older adults, autism, veterans and parenting.”

Future Innovative Solutions sessions are scheduled addressing the following topics: 

  • Veterans – May 2022 at Hope Spring
  • Eating Disorders – June 2022 at Hope Spring 
  • Parenting – July 2022 at Will’s Place
  • Older Adults – August 2022 at Hope Spring 
  • Addiction – September 2022 at Hope Spring 
  • Autism – October 2022 at Leffen Center 
  • Veterans – November 2022 at Hope Spring 
  • Eating Disorders – December 2022 at Hope Spring
  • Parenting – January 2023 at Will’s Place 
  • Older Adults – February 2023 at Hope Spring


Dates are to be determined but listing updates can be found at