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Freeman Family Practice Physician Joins Frontenac Office

February 07, 2022

Staff Additions to Help Underserved Communities

JOPLIN, Mo. – Freeman Health System recognizes that many rural communities are underserved when it comes to the number of primary care doctors. According to data published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the United States could see an estimated shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 primary care physicians by 2034. The shortage of primary care physicians is already impacting Kansas, where 92 of the state’s 105 counties are considered partially or wholly underserved.

To meet community needs, family practice physician Dr. Ryan Sorell and nurse practitioner Jessica Hartzfeld have joined Drs. William and Patricia Sullivan at Freeman Midwest Internal Medicine. With the new staff, the clinic in Frontenac gets a new name – Freeman Internal Medicine and Family Practice.  

“It’s important to treat the whole person and factor in nutrition, fitness training, evaluating and being fit so you don’t get hurt and reduce the risk of long-term conditions like diabetes,” said Dr. Sorell. “That’s where I can fill a gap. I look at all aspects of who someone is as a person and what that contributes to causing their injuries or illness in order to prevent them and help them recover as soon as possible.”

Dr. Sorell provides comprehensive preventative services such as health screenings and management of long-term conditions, as well as treating sprains, fractures, muscle and joint issues, and other orthopaedic issues that do not require surgery.

Dr. Sorell is accepting new patients. Appointments can be made by contacting Freeman Internal Medicine and Family Practice (608 Willard St., Frontenac, KS) at 620.231.8849.