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Elijah's Story

Elijah was born with limitations. He just doesn’t know it.

If there is something Elijah Schultz can’t accomplish, he hasn’t found it yet. Though he was born without his lower left leg and portions of his hands, Elijah still climbs, runs, jumps and swims—he doesn’t let his limitations limit him.

While still in his birth mother’s womb, bands from the amniotic sac wrapped around Elijah’s body, causing him to be born without portions of his limbs. Before they even finalized his adoption from Ghana, Elijah’s parents, Shannon and Tobin, had already reached out to Freeman Health System and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for assistance. 

Freeman is the region’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Together, the two organizations work to ensure that finances never stand in the way of caring for children like Elijah.

“We knew he would require extensive medical care,” said Shannon. “We also knew we would need help.”

Now two, Elijah and his family have journeyed across the Midwest 21 times to give him the care he needs. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helped fund every journey. “That level of financial assistance allows us to focus on what is important: our family,” said Shannon.

With help from Freeman and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Elijah’s limitations won’t ever limit him.

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