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Cooper's Story

Cooper was once locked inside his own world. Now the world is at his fingertips.

Libby Meirick knew in her heart something was wrong. At 12 months, her son Cooper hadn’t reached the typical one-year-old milestones. He didn’t make eye contact. He didn’t babble. Her little boy was locked in his own world.

Libby sought help from Freeman Health System, which offers Bill & Virginia Leffen Center for Autism, a place where children like Cooper can receive intensive one-on-one therapy vital to unlocking parts of the brain. Experts at Bill & Virginia Leffen Center for Autism diagnosed Cooper on the autism spectrum and began offering him intensive one-on-one therapy. As a result of his therapy, Cooper started speaking, interacting, and showing affection. The child who once couldn’t say a word is now the most talkative member of the Meirick family! Thanks to that therapy, Libby was finally introduced to her precious son. And Cooper was introduced to the world.

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