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Your Funds in Action

More than twenty years ago, premature or critically ill infants were sent outside the region, pulling parents away from their support system at a critical time. With the establishment of Freeman Health System Neonatal Intensive Care Unit came the comfort of knowing specialized care is immediately available to the area’s smallest and most fragile patients. At the time of opening, Freeman leaders anticipated 90 babies would be treated in the NICU each year. By the end of that first year, 300 babies had been admitted.

To date, more than 5,975 infants have had a fighting chance to live, thanks to the care they received at Freeman NICU. To have a child born prematurely or critically ill is an experience no parent is prepared to endure, but those who do may take comfort in the fact that their baby will be treated by NICU physicians and nurses whose commitment to caring for their patients is unmatched. NICU staff care for these babies as though they were their own, forming a bond with the infants and their families that lasts, in some cases, for decades. It is staggering to think of the many babies who may not be with us today had it not been for Freeman NICU. Freeman is overjoyed knowing the NICU has made such a tremendous impact for these families.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospital is proud to support Freeman and the NICU, from providing financial assistance for families whose babies are in the NICU to funding the unit’s expansion in 2011. In recognition of Freeman NICU’s 20th anniversary, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, in partnership with Walmart and Sam’s Club, was proud to provide Angel Eye, a secure web-based camera system that allows parents to remotely see their child via a live feed. Through Angel Eye, a camera is mounted to the baby’s bed, providing parents 24-hour access to their child. Some parents cannot stay with their baby in the NICU each and every day. Angel Eye helps ease the pain of that separation. Parents, and others whom parents give access to, can view the baby at any time. Angel Eye promotes bonding by giving parents one-way audio so they may talk to their child. It is fulfilling for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital staff to be able to help Freeman NICU families when they face situations most of us cannot even imagine. It is an honor to work with donors like you to give the gift of Angel Eye to Freeman NICU staff and the families they serve. For more information on Angel Eye, visit

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