Telemetry Monitor

What is a telemetry monitor?
A telemetry monitor is a portable box that, when attached to you, displays your heart rate and rhythm at a central station. Nurses and technicians continuously monitor your heart rate and rhythm and keep your doctor informed regarding your progress. The monitor sends an alarm when it detects abnormal rhythm and prints a strip of that rhythm for your doctor to review. A nurse will also come in and check your blood pressure and pulse if an alarm sounds.

How is the monitor attached?
Five tiny wires, or electrodes, are taped to your arms or shoulders and your chest. The monitor is small, portable box that fits into a pocket and does not restrict your movement or prevent you from using the restroom.

If a patch or wire comes off or loosens, someone will come to your room to reattach it.

Can I take the monitor off while I am in my room?
No. You should notify the nurses if you have any pain or pressure, the patches cause your skin to get red and itchy, or you get the monitor wet. Be careful not to drop the box.

Can I take a shower while I am wearing the monitor?
While you are wearing the monitor, you may bathe at the sink. If you take a shower or bath, ask the nurse to remove the box so it will not get wet.