Transitional Care (TCU)

A new level of critical care

Freeman West is the first hospital in the area to offer a Transitional Care Unit (TCU), a 12-bed unit for patients who are still too ill for the medical floor but have progressed to the point where they no longer need the level of care provided in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In the Freeman TCU, a team of three nurses cares for a group of 10-12 patients. With a nursing ratio of 1:4 and a nurse tech ratio of 1:6, registered nurses, nurse techs, and monitor techs provide staffing around the clock.

Every patient admitted to the TCU will have constant monitoring via wireless remote telemetry packs of heart rate/EKG, noninvasive blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.

By establishing the TCU, Freeman has opened up more beds to patients who need placement in the ICU. 

Freeman Hospital West
1102 West 32nd Street
Joplin, MO 64804