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How to reach a patient
  • You may reach a patient room by dialing 347 + the room number
  • Cell phones may be used in waiting areas, cafeterias, and courtyard areas; due to the possibility of electronic interference with medical equipment, cell phone use is prohibited in all other areas
Mail a card or letter to a patient

Freeman Health System
Patient's Name
1102 West 32nd Street
Joplin, MO 64804
      Freeman Neosho
Patient's Name
113 West Hickory Street
Neosho, MO 64834

Entrance closings
  • At Freeman West, the main and Emergency Room entrances remain open 24 hours. The Heart & Vascular Institute entrance is locked from 6pm-6am.
  • At Freeman East, doors are monitored from 9pm-5am. The admitting entrance located at the west end of Freeman East remains open 24 hours.
  • At Freeman Neosho, the Emergency Room entrance located at the west side of Freeman Neosho remains open 24 hours. All other doors are locked from 9pm-6:30am.
Waiting areas
  • Freeman West: 1st floor main entrance, 2nd floor lobby, Emergency Room, 3rd floor lounge, 4th floor lounge
  • Freeman East: Outpatient Diagnostics, Senior Serenity, Stephens Unit
  • Freeman Neosho: 1st floor main entrance, Emergency Room, 2nd floor lounge
Guest resources

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