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Need a bone density screening?

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What is a bone density test?
A bone density test is a dual energy X-ray of the hip, spine, or forearm. It is used to measure the bone mass (density) of the bone where the most common fractures occur.

Why should I have a bone density test?
You should have a bone density test to see if you have low bone mass, or low density, and determine your risk of a fragility fracture. Your doctor may also order this test to monitor low bone mass therapies.

How long does a bone density test take?
Total body measurements take less than 20 minutes.

How do I prepare for a bone density test?
On the day of your test, please wear comfortable clothing without metal fasteners. Let the person doing the test know if you have a surgical device or implant such as a hip replacement, colostomy, etc. You should not have a barium study or nuclear scan 7 days before your bone density exam.

Is a bone density test painful?
During the test, you'll lie on a table during the X-ray—if lying on your back is difficult, you may find this uncomfortable.

When will I receive my test results?
A radiologist, a medical doctor who specializes in reading X-rays, will review your tests and send a report to your doctor, usually within 3-4 business days.