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Speakers Bureau: Behavioral Health - RESPECT Institute

Lisa Badgley, MS, Ozark Center Director of Program Development
Lisa Badgley has been involved in providing and directing mental health services for more than 27 years. Badgley has experience in both private and public mental health systems. The majority of her experience deals with chronically, mentally ill individuals in a community setting. 

At Ozark Center, Badgley provides direction and oversight of adult housing, which includes the 2 current Housing and Urban Development apartment sites and Ozark Oaks, a 30-bed residential care facility. In addition, Badgley provides direction in the development and direction of adult services to enhance programs that will broaden the opportunities for individuals with mental illness. 

Badgley was instrumental in obtaining a RESPECT Institute in Joplin that provided an opportunity for individuals with a mental illness to learn how to tell their personal story and provide our community with a way to learn about mental illness and reduce the stigma attached to it.

“The goal of having a RESPECT Speakers Bureau is to provide our community with a forum to learn from the personal experiences of individuals who have a mental illness and how they move forward with their lives in a productive manner," said Badgley. "Often, if a person receives a mental illness diagnosis, the misconception is that the individual’s life is drastically changed. Although there may be a few bumps in the road, we know that when managed, a mental illness can serve as avenue for growing stronger as an individual. Personal struggles often lead to insight and growth in a healthy way. Our goal is to reduce stigma and increase awareness throughout our community so individuals with mental illness are not feared but embraced as active and healthy members of our community and society overall.”