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Speakers Bureau: Behavioral Health

Dr. Charles Graves, Psychiatrist, Ozark Center Medical Director for Outpatient Psychiatry
Dr. Charles Graves has been practicing child and adolescent psychiatry since 1998. Graves was the only child and adolescent psychiatrist at Ozark Center for 5 years. Since he began his tenure with Ozark Center, the practice of child and adolescent psychiatry has expanded extensively and now includes an additional child and adolescent psychiatrist and nurse practitioners devoted to this practice.
Graves works in his practice and through programs offered at Ozark Center to improve the lives of children. He also serves as medical director for Family Preservation Services, an intensive outpatient treatment program designed to keep children and families together.

"It is amazing to witness the rapid improvements young children and their families can make that result in a life-long impact on their growth and their development," Graves explains. "Transformations like these are why I enjoy my practice so immensely."
Graves values the relationships he develops with the children and families he works with each day. It is important to him that families who want and need services provided by Ozark Center have access to psychiatrists specialized in this area of care.