Shared Governance


Giving nurses a voice

Which comes first—employee satisfaction or patient satisfaction? For hospitals that practice Shared Governance, employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction go hand in hand.

Nurses are happiest when they can give the best patient care possible, and patients are happiest when they receive the best nursing care. Shared Governance gives nurses a voice to help them achieve the ownership and the motivation necessary to provide the best patient care, which improves patient and staff satisfaction simultaneously.

Shared Governance provides a structural model to help the bedside nurse work collaboratively with nursing leaders, giving them an equal voice in decision-making processes. It empowers nurses to take the lead and creates a decentralized method of decision-making. This empowerment allows nurses to control the content and implementation of their practices and outcomes.

For nursing staff, participation in Shared Governance means making a commitment to improving Freeman for staff and patients alike. Many benefits have been seen throughout Freeman in the last year because nursing staff have been empowered to take the lead, contributing to increased quality of patient care and improved outcomes.

Shared Governance 2012 Nursing Annual Report

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Shared Governance 2011 Nursing Annual Report

2011 nursing annual report

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