School Supplies Drive

Freeman goes back to school

For the second straight year, Freeman employees purchased, sorted, and delivered 90 boxes filled with 10,000 items collected during the second annual Freeman School Supplies Drive. Fifty-two schools throughout Jasper, Newton, Barton, and McDonald County, Missouri, and Cherokee County, Kansas, received the donations. The gift enables schools to provide backpacks, pencils, crayons, glue, paper, notebooks, calculators, and more to students in need.

The Freeman School Supplies Drive gives Freeman an opportunity to impact the communities that support the health system. With many small donations, Freeman employees made great strides for local children, becoming an integral part of a project that truly made a difference.

Educators and students say thanks

Dear Freeman ...

Thank you for your generous school supplies gift. During the difficult economic times many families have had to find ways to stretch their budgets and school supplies are an extra. You gift will enable many of our students to have a bright start to their school year.
    —Webb City Middle School staff, Webb City, Missouri

The Central Elementary staff sends a big thank you for the school supplies!! Many of our students will benefit from your generosity. Bless you all!
    —Central Elementary School staff, Neosho, Missouri

I think it's amazing that you guys took money out of your pockets to get supplies for students at SMS. Thank you for all your support.
    —South Middle School student, South Middle School, Joplin, Missouri

This year will be a little easier knowing that someone is supporting SMS.
    —South Middle School student, South Middle School, Joplin, Missouri

It will help us graduate and move on to a bigger and brighter future instead of us being hobos begging for our dinner. So I am thanking you for opening our future possibilities and making our lives better.
    —South Middle School student, South Middle School, Joplin, Missouri