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SATOP is for those who have been convicted of a traffic violation involving substance abuse while driving. The program provides education, assessment, and appropriate referrals for more intensive services to those who have been convicted of an alcohol-related traffic offense.

The professional staff helps offenders receive SATOP evaluations and provides the recommended intervention levels. Ozark Center is the only area agency to provide comprehensive programs, including:
  • Offender Management Unit (OMU)
  • Adolescent Diversion Education Program (ADEP)
  • Offender Education Program (OEP)
  • Weekend Intervention Program (WIP)
  • Clinical Intervention Program (CIP)
  • Severe Repeat Offender Program (SROP)
Ozark Center also provides traditional treatment opportunities for Level IV Non-SATOP referrals and processes SATOP comparable treatment program requests.

SATOP Process

Step 1: Schedule a screening assessment at an OMU. Missouri law requires all persons arrested for an alcohol- or drug-related traffic offense complete an assessment screening at an OMU. The result of this evaluation determines the appropriate level of placement for each client.

Step 2: Receive referral into a SATOP level of placement. Placement levels:
  • ADEP: 10-hour education course for minors who may have received abuse and lose, minor in possession, or zero tolerance offenses.
  • OEP: 10-hour education course designed for lower-risk clients who understand the choices they made lead to their intoxication and arrest.
  • WIP: 20-hour level of service designed for repeat or high-risk clients using intensive education and counseling intervention methods of a weekend of structured activities. This program is conducted in a restricted environment.
  • CIP: 50-hour outpatient counseling program consisting of individual counseling, group counseling, and group education; 10 hours must address impaired driving issues.
  • SROP: Clients presenting for these services having multiple alcohol- or drug-related traffic offenses, or those at a high risk for chemical dependency, may receive a recommendation for more traditional substance abuse treatment. This treatment may be in the form of a residential or outpatient program, but clients must complete treatment at a state-certified or nationally-accredited substance abuse treatment provider.
Schedule a screening

Clients can schedule a SATOP screening appointment by calling any of the 3 locations, Joplin, Neosho, and Anderson. SATOP screening fees ($375 total) are due at time of assessment screening. 
  • Assessment Screening Fee: All clients entering SATOP must pay a $126 assessment screening fee at the time of their appointment.
  • Supplemental Fee: All clients entering SATOP must pay a $249 supplemental fee at the time of their assessment. This fee is deposited into the Mental Health Earnings Fund. These funds are used to purchase intensive services for repeat and persistent offenders who cannot afford them.
  • Rescreening Fee: Clients have 6 months from the time of their evaluation to enroll in the recommended program or they will be re-evaluated at a cost of $126, providing no further driving while intoxicated or minor in possession incidents.
Depending on the referral, additional program fees* include:
  • OEP: $130
  • ADEP: $130
  • WIP: $440.52**, sliding scale from $250
  • CIP: $1,005.91**, sliding scale from $250
  • SROP-Level IV**, sliding scale from $250
  • Traditional treatment, variable upon actual services rendered
*Clients referred to WIP, CIP,  SROP, or state contracted traditional treatment may complete a financial questionnaire called the Standard Means Test. The findings will determine if the client will receive financial assistant with their program fee.
**Traditional/basic treatment, cost varies upon actual services rendered.

For more information, visit Missouri Department of Mental Health online.

Three convenient locations

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