Respiratory Care

What is respiratory care?
Respiratory care involves state-licensed, professionally trained respiratory care practitioners and technicians. This team assesses the needs of patients and provides therapies to help speed the healing and recovery of patients. Their goal is to give patients the best opportunity to return to the highest possible level of cardiopulmonary health as quickly as possible.

What are some of the treatments my doctor might order for me?
The Respiratory Care Department provides therapies such as aerosolized medications for inhalation, various spontaneous and assisted breathing exercises and devices, aid with secretion clearance, oxygen therapy, and assisted ventilation.

When will I receive these treatments?
Depending on the frequency of the therapy ordered, you can expect treatment on a fairly regular schedule. Your respiratory therapist will explain the details to you.

Will I receive these treatments at night?
Some patients need to be around-the-clock treatment, depending on the individual situation. The respiratory team works to reduce the frequency of therapy as soon as possible to minimize the need for treatments at night.

What if I want extra treatments or have a question for my therapist between treatments?
To request extra treatments or if you have any questions for your therapist, please ask your nurse to page the respiratory therapist.