Pulmonary Function Study

What is a pulmonary function study?
This term describes a variety of tests that assess a patient’s lung function compared to others of the same size, sex, and age.

Why do I need a pulmonary function study?
Your doctor will often order a pulmonary function test (PFT) to help determine the amount of lung function impairment, if any, that contributes to your symptoms. Some medications require repeated studies to assess their effectiveness and/or side effects. PFTs are often done before undergoing anesthesia to assess a patient's risk. Patients with chronic lung diseases normally take PFTs as a means of ongoing assessment of their disease state.

Where will my pulmonary function study be done and by whom?
A licensed respiratory care practitioner will perform your study, usually at your bedside. Occasionally, some tests will require a trip to our pulmonary function study lab.

How long does a pulmonary function study take?
Generally, it takes approximately 30 minutes.

What am I expected to do during the pulmonary function study?
The study depends on patient effort. A respiratory care practitioner will ask you to follow instructions to the best of your ability.