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 Meet Abe
Abe Andrews, born prematurely at only 27 weeks old, lived in the Freeman Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 68 days. Read more »

 Meet Brad
Four years ago, Brad Ward visited the emergency department at Freeman Neosho suspecting his pain was the result of a dislocated rib. Read more »

 Meet Brycen
Brycen came into the world 10 weeks early, weighing only 2 pounds, 15 ounces. During the first six weeks of his life, Brycen received lifesaving care in Freeman Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Learn more »

 Meet Colton
For Lynn, knowing the truth about her teenage son, Colton, and having it on paper made all the difference. Read his story »

 Meet Elijah
When Tobin and Shannon saw a photo of Elijah for the first time, they fell in love with this darling baby boy from Ghana, Africa. Learn more »

 Meet Robyn
When Leeanna and Robert discovered their unborn baby girl would need neonatal intensive care at birth, they knew they wanted to deliver at Freeman Hospital West. Read her story »

 Meet Roy
Roy prides himself on staying physically fit. Until recently, Roy never needed hospitalization. That changed in the early morning hours of November 6, 2012, when he awoke suddenly with what felt like severe heartburn. Read more »