Elijah's Story

Wiktionary.com defines baby steps as small tentative steps towards a goal. Elijah Shultz epitomizes this definition every day. And in the process, he shows those around him the power that lies within a determined child.

When Tobin and Shannon Schultz saw a photo of Elijah for the first time, they fell in love with this darling baby boy from Ghana, Africa. They knew instantly he would make a wonderful addition to their family of three. Before long, they made the decision to formally adopt Elijah. Their daughter, 4-year-old Lilian, felt especially excited about becoming a big sister! In the midst of their excitement, Tobin and Shannon prepared themselves for the challenges ahead. Born with only a thumb and one finger on each hand and a partial left leg, little Elijah has special needs.

Today, at age 17 months, Elijah refuses to allow his dependence on a prosthetic leg to slow him down. His favorite activities include playing with balls, toy cars, and his big sister. With determination beyond his years, Elijah has already learned to balance and can almost stand by himself. With mom and dad’s help, he is beginning to take his first steps. Shannon’s greatest joy in raising Elijah is witnessing how well he adapts. “With his courage and determination, Elijah will conquer whatever comes his way,” she remarked.

At our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Elijah won our hearts immediately with his sweet smile and gentle nature. We consider it our great privilege to help the Schultz family with expenses incurred when traveling out of the area for Elijah’s medical needs. Until fully grown, he will mostly likely need a new prosthetic leg every four to eight months. With your help, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals will continue offering assistance when needed.

Your generous gifts make a profound difference for this precious family. “Every time we step foot into the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals office, we are met with warm, friendly, smiling faces. We have never left empty-handed, and the support we receive, both financially and emotionally, is invaluable,” added Shannon.

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