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Autism Programs

autism student with teacher

Bill & Virginia Leffen Center for Autism provides a treatment program with autism-specific educational curriculum. Our staff uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based practice proven effective in the treatment of autism.


Early diagnosis can greatly improve a child’s ability to learn, socialize, and communicate. The Autism Diagnostic Team provides families with evaluations for autism spectrum disorders, as well as guidance on available resources and community support. Learn more.

Day treatment preschool program

Our preschool program offers early intensive intervention for children, birth to age 6, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

  • The year-round program offers individualized 1-to-1 instruction, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.
  • Occupational, physical, and speech and language therapies are provided, as appropriate.

Special Education Center

Students with autism spectrum disorders need targeted therapy to help build life skills necessary for transition into mainstream classrooms and a more independent future. 

  • Our Special Education Center offers treatment and education for children ages 3–21.
  • Our curriculum includes activities to build self-help, daily living, and prevocational skills, including targeted learning opportunities to help develop social skills in everyday settings.
  • Each student in our year-round program has specific, developmentally appropriate individualized goals. We collect and analyze data daily to support each student’s goals.
  • Year-round schooling prevents regression associated with extended time without treatment.

Outpatient ABA treatment

  • Intensive 1-to-1 ABA therapy in the home, our clinic, or the community
  • Weekly social skills groups for school-age children.
  • Daily living skills, social skills, and prevocational training for older teens and young adults.
  • Individualized services to meet each individual’s developmental needs. Speech and language therapy is also available.
  • Groups and classes offered for different age groups and learning levels.

Show-Me Careers

Bill & Virginia Leffen Center for Autism is one of eight sites throughout the state chosen to implement the Show-Me Careers project. Through the Show-Me Careers initiative,we will improve employee engagement, family involvement, and youth development as each relate to the employment of young adults with an autism spectrum disorder. The center seek out, collaborate with, and support businesses that are interested in this initiative, as well as teach families how to highlight the strengths of an individual on the autism spectrum and use those strengths in an employment setting.

Autism support group

  • Meets at 6 pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month.
  • People with autism, parents, and caregivers are encouraged to attend.
  • We offer respite care for parents who are attending the support group—please call us at 417.347.7850 to let us know if you would like respite care for your loved one.

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