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Ozark Center provides trauma-informed care to meet an individual’s mental health recovery goals. Working on each person’s strengths, our treatment team assists patients in attaining recovery and wellness goals through person-centered treatment planning.

Adults ages 17 years and 9 months and older with severe and persistent mental illness along with substance abuse disorders are eligible for this program. Patients must reside in Barton, Jasper, McDonald, or Newton counties.

Services and Programs

  • Community Care Program
    Provides a range of mental health recovery services including:
    • Comprehensive assessment
    • Community support
    • Medication management
    • Therapy/skills coaching
    • Psychosocial rehabilitation
    • Employment services
    • Residential and housing support 
  • INSPIRE Center
    Psychosocial rehabilitation program promotes mental health recovery and wellness by assisting individuals in achieving their goals. Groups meet five days a week to focus on mental health recovery, physical wellness, and independent living skills development.
  • Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) Employment
    Provides employment services that follow the Individual Placement and Support model. The goal of TEAM Employment is to assist individuals in making their work goals a possibility.
  • Residential & Housing Plus Program
    In the event residential services and/or additional life skills and support are needed, individuals may be referred to the Residential/Housing Plus Program through their treatment team. Ozark Center's housing options include Ozark Oaks Residential Care Facility and various independent housing options with staff support. The goal is to develop the needed independent living skills to be able to live independently in the community.
  • Healthcare Home
    Assists individuals with their physical health goals in relation to overall care and treatment through Ozark Center.
  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
    Provides intensive wraparound community based services for individuals with a higher need of treatment than can be provided in a traditional outpatient setting. ACT services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Referral Process

  • Ask your physician, therapist, or psychiatrist for a referral to Ozark Center Community Care Program. If you do not have a medical provider, call 417.347.7567 for help in finding one.
  • You may also go to any Ozark Center location for information about available adult community services.
  • Call Ozark Center Crisis Intervention Services at 417.347.7720 if you have a mental health emergency or if you want an individual assessment to determine eligibility for services.