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Pat Conard with Freeman Breast Cancer Patient Navigator Jennifer Hargis

When Pat Conard underwent a routine mammogram in June 2013, she fully expected the same normal results she'd received in years past. However, a phone call a few days later forever changed her life—she learned she had breast cancer. "I remember asking myself 'Why me?' and 'How could this happen?' I had no family history of breast cancer and have always taken good care of myself. But I learned firsthand cancer isn't selective. It can strike anyone at any time. You must choose to fight it head on. So that’s what I did," Pat remarked.

Two weeks after receiving her diagnosis, Pat had a mastectomy to remove her right breast. Thankfully, the cancer had not spread into the lymph nodes, so she will not need further treatment. Now, Pat enjoys a full recovery and lives life to the fullest with a new perspective. "My senses have been awakened like never before. I'm so very grateful for this new way of thinking. Though I would have never wished breast cancer on myself, without this experience I wouldn't have the mind-set I have today. I value my relationships with those I love more than ever."

From the moment Pat received her diagnosis and throughout her recovery, Freeman Breast Cancer Patient Navigator Jennifer Hargis stood by her side providing support, empowering her with knowledge, and offering encouragement. "Jennifer told me we were taking this journey together and that she'd hold my hand until we crossed the finish line," Pat reflected. "Not only did I have her support during a very challenging time, I have made a special friend for life—one that I will cherish always."