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One in eight women will face breast cancer in her lifetime. However, breast cancer screenings can help improve the chances that breast cancer will be detected early and treated successfully. Our physicians recommend this three-step plan:

  1. Monthly breast self-exams
    We encourage you to perform a breast self-exam once a month at the same time each month. Breast self-exams help you become familiar with how your breasts look and feel, so you will be able to detect changes.
  2. Yearly clinical breast exams
    A clinical breast exam is a screening performed by a healthcare professional as part of your yearly well-woman visit. During the clinical exam, your provider carefully checks your breasts for changes or abnormalities. 
  3. Mammograms every two years, starting at age 40
    Freeman utilizes digital mammography, the best technology available for breast cancer screening. Digital mammography uses compression and X-rays to examine a breast and capture a digital image on a computer. Digital mammography can detect tumors before they can be felt, so it’s important to get a mammogram in addition to breast self-exams and clinical breast exams.

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To schedule your mammogram in Joplin or Neosho, please call 417.347.7777.

Buddy Check 16

Breast self-examinations are critical to early detection—that's why Freeman and KSN-TV 16 have joined forces to educate women in the community about breast health and remind them to do monthly breast self-examinations. Freeman Buddy Check 16, our breast health awareness program, encourages women to team up with a buddy and remind each other to perform a breast self-examination on the 16th of every month. Learn more.