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On April 1, Freeman launched a new hospital information system to provide a foundation for our hospital electronic medical record (EMR), which will be implemented in stages over the next several months.

The implementation of our new comprehensive and integrated EMR will provide a number of patient benefits:
  • More efficient workflow, providing improved communication across departments and care teams to support coordination of care
  • Accurate, up-to-the-minute access to relevant clinical data as conditions change, enabling staff to react quickly
  • Information automatically presented to appropriate caregivers in a meaningful form to support informed decision making and effective treatment planning
  • Evidence-based, or scientifically proven, best practices placed at the fingertips of caregivers
Patients, please note: On your first visit after our conversion to the new hospital information system, you may experience slight delays as staff throughout the hospital adjust. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve our health information system for you.