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About speech therapy
Speech therapy is designed to aid in speech/language deficits and swallowing disorders. Initially the therapist will address establishing a reliable yes/no response. Reading, writing, speech, word generation, and all other forms of language will be addressed through a variety of tasks.

Why do I need speech therapy?
Many times speech therapy is required to help individuals who experience difficulty communicating and/or swallowing due to stroke, head injury, or other medical conditions. Therapy for communication is needed to assist in relaying needs/wants to the medical staff and/or family. A swallow evaluation may be necessary to assess what diet textures are best for safe and efficient swallowing to ensure that all food enters only the stomach.

Whom will I see for speech therapy?
A licensed speech/language pathologist will perform all speech/language and swallowing evaluations and treatments. A pathologist will see you at least once daily while you are in the hospital.

What is involved in a swallow evaluation?
The speech pathologist will thoroughly examine your tongue and mouth including a probe for a gag. After an oral exam, you will be given a variety of textures of food and liquid to determine the least restrictive texture that you can safely chew and swallow.

What if I have difficulty swallowing?
If you have trouble swallowing or cough significantly after eating or drinking, the speech pathologist will recommend a Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) video to further assess your swallow.

What is an MBS video?
An MBS video, an X-ray conducted in cooperation with radiology, enables the speech pathologist to view your swallowing. This video is taken in your room with you in bed and takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. A small amount of barium will be put in various food and liquid textures for you to swallow. This test can further assess your swallowing.

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