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Four years ago, Brad Ward visited the emergency department at Freeman Neosho suspecting his pain was the result of a dislocated rib. But when X-rays indicated abnormalities, Brad was referred to Freeman Cancer Institute Oncologist Dr. Matthew Miller. Further tests revealed cancer of the lymphatic system.

“Receiving such a serious diagnosis at age 31 frightened me. Immediately when I heard the word cancer, I thought the worst. But, Dr. Miller and his team reassured me, and I soon began to feel more comfortable about the next steps,” said Brad. “I remember asking Dr. Miller point blank if I could receive the level of care at Freeman that I needed to beat this. He assured me I could. It was a big relief knowing my family and I didn’t have to travel away from home for me to receive treatment,” he added.

Now cancer-free and with an excellent prognosis for the future, Brad continues to see Dr. Miller for follow-up visits. And although he hopes none of his loved ones will ever need cancer care, he puts great confidence in the team at Freeman Cancer Institute. “If I had a friend facing cancer, I would recommend Freeman Cancer Institute. My family and I feel fortunate to have a facility of this caliber right here in our community. They cared for not only me, but for my wife and family as well,” added Brad.

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