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Bringing clinical trials to Joplin

Freeman continually examines the latest medical studies to provide patients the most up-to-date information and research in clinical trials. Patients benefit by gaining access to new research treatments and therapies before they become widely available to the mass market.

Normally, patients would travel to a university research hospital setting to participate in clinical trials, but patients at Freeman can participate right here, close to home. In the past 15 years, Freeman has participated in more than 130 clinical trials. It’s just one more aspect of care and cutting-edge research and technology we offer our patients.


What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a carefully designed study in which patients willingly participate in research investigations and treatments under close supervision by a physician and other medical professionals. Clinical trials take place in phases and are:

  • Reviewed by an independent board to protect the rights and welfare of participants.
  • Sponsored by various organizations, such as medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Monitored and supported by government agencies, such the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Clinical trials keep participating patients informed of what’s happening during the course of the trial. These patients often become the best advocates in advancing medical research.

While patients receive no pay for participation in clinical trials, they do get a chance to try emerging therapies, helping themselves and others in the future.


How do I enroll or find out more about heart and vascular studies?

Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute currently conducts 4 clinical trials, with 4 more scheduled to begin soon, and actively seeks participants.

To see if you qualify, please ask your cardiologist about a referral for a clinical research consultation. Or contact the Freeman Heart & Vascular Institute Clinical Trials and Research Office: Sheryl Faucett, RN, CRC, at 417.347.3493 or Anna Young, CRA, CCRP, at 417.347.1066. 

How do I enroll or find out more about cancer studies?

Freeman Cancer Institute has participated in more than 100 studies over the years and currently conducts 12 clinical trials, all of which are open to enrollment. Current areas of study:

  • 5 breast cancer studies
  • 2 colon studies
  • 1 renal study
  • 1 rectal study
  • 1 lung study
  • 1 prostate study
  • 1 gynecological study

If interested, please ask your doctor or oncologist for more information. Or call Freeman Cancer Institute Clinical Research Coordinator Lois Crockett RN, BSN, at 417.347.4030.