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An internet addiction, or excessive computer use that interferes with daily life, can cause a severe impact on an individual’s life as well as the people surrounding that person. The Ozark Center Internet Addictions program helps identify the problem and provides education and treatment on how to overcome the addiction.

Examples of an internet addiction:

  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Pornography
  • Blogs
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Internet shopping
  • eBay®
  • Chat rooms

Internet addictions can:

  • Cause withdrawal or isolation from family and friends
  • Decrease interest in previously enjoyed social functions or activities
  • Affect time management—losing track of time while online
  • Overtake a life—constant thinking about being online when not online
  • Damage personal relationships
  • Cause one to conceal the amount of time spent online
  • Decrease social skills

If you or someone you know displays one of these symptoms, let Ozark Center Internet Addictions help.

How it works

  • Client completes initial assessment
  • If client meets criteria, he or she receives referral to Internet Addictions, a 10-week course
  • Attendance in two-hour class required each week
  • Two individual sessions held with therapist


  • $40 covers initial assessment
  • $20 per class, individual sessions included in that cost
Call 417.347.7730 for more information or to schedule an assessment.

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