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Impact your bottom line by building a healthier workforce

Freeman Preventive Services provides customized, confidential wellness programs that educate and motivate individuals to identify health risks and achieve healthier lifestyles through prevention and early detection.

Starting with your goals and working within your budget, we can help improve the overall health, wellness, and productivity of your workforce by creating a tailored wellness program for your organization. With any wellness program, the goal is to reduce healthcare costs, sick time, and disability costs, as well as improve recruitment and retention. Our service confidentially collects individual employee information to provide results in a group summary report to the employer. To ensure confidentiality, we do not share employees’ individual data with the employer or insurance company.

Step 1 - Schedule an assessment of your wellness needs

Step 2 - Choose your employee wellness screening preference

Health Risk Assessment and Biometrics – a one-time, employee health screening that includes an executive summary showing the overall lab results of your workforce, a group summary report, individual reports available to employees upon request, and wellness consultation to establish an action plan.

Freeman Screen Team ® – on-site employee health screenings, including blood pressure; body fat composition; blood drawn for lipid panel, glucose, and prostate; hearing, vision, and osteoporosis; colorectal screening kits; health education and prevention information.

Step 3 - Review your results

Each workforce determines its own specific wellness program-based on the results of your employee screenings. These results define the overall top health risks for the entire workforce, which allows you to choose specific wellness services to target those risks.

Step 4 - Establish your tailored wellness program

Evaluate the overall health status and top health risks of your workforce to determine your wellness and prevention needs. For your convenience, we can perform most programs on-site at your location.

A few of the many services provided to help you build a healthier workforce: 

  • Nursing services
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress and depression management
  • Mammograms
  • Hearing screenings
  • Executive physicals
  • Exercise and fitness programs

Every employer wants a healthy, productive workforce ... now you can do something about it.

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