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Prepare to leave a legacy

Donors wishing to have access to their assets for their lifetime might consider a gift made to a charitable organization in the form of a bequest through a will or revocable living trust (RLT).

Gifts through a will serve as an easy, flexible way to leave a lasting legacy to the charity of the donor’s choice. Wills provide for the transfer of probate assets to heirs and/or charities. When assets that have a formal title, such as bank and investment accounts, bonds, real estate, and vehicles, and the owner has made no beneficiary designation, the asset must pass through probate to transfer legal title to the beneficiary. A will acts as a guideline for courts when determining how to transfer probate assets.

Another option for making a transfer upon death is through a Revocable Living Trust, or RLT. The most common reason to develop an RLT is to avoid probate. Assets are transferred to the trust, thereby naming the trust as the owner of the asset. People die—trusts do not. For this reason, the successor trustee follows the provisions of the trustmaker and distributes trust assets without court intervention.

Donors wishing to establish their legacy through a will or Revocable Living Trust may call Freeman Foundation at 417.347.6657 for bequest language to include in their will or trust document.

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