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drug and alcohol testing industry association

Proven excellence

Freeman OccuMed is accredited by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA). DATIA comprises leaders in the drug and alcohol testing industry who focus on raising the accuracy of urine specimen collections. The Accredited Collection Facility Program assures that Freeman OccuMed upholds the highest standards for its facility and operation as well as its personnel. To receive accreditation, Freeman OccuMed met the following standards.

Adhere to strict standards in the following areas

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Company services standards
  • Specimen handling
  • Operational practices
  • Business ethics
  • Facility equipment

Maintain a staff of Certified Professional Collectors (CPC)

  • CPCs are formally trained in DATIA's collector training course
  • A Certified Professional Collector Trainer is on staff
  • CPCs must have experience in collecting specimens and are tested for their proficiency level

DATIA's strict standards assure professional and consistent specimen collection for Freeman OccuMed clients, confidentiality for the donor, and security, integrity, and control of the specimen. DATIA accreditation helps to reduce the number of specimen collection errors in workplace drug testing, which saves Freeman OccuMed clients time and money.

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