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Concluding the Five-Gallon Jug Metaphor

Posted by Dr. Kimberly Fielding on September 19, 2014

As adults "pour" into the lives of children, adults can serve as a resource to fill children with the capacity to reach adulthood as happy, safe and healthy individuals. We have the explored areas of time management and emotional stability with this metaphor; those blog posts contained a key principle that can be applied in a variet... Continue reading »

Summer Food & Fun
August 14, 2014
Summer barbeques and picnics can offer many tempting food choices that are high in calories and sugar. Knowing how to create a well-balanced meal helps keep your blood sugar level as close to normal a... Continue reading »

Summer Healthy Living Tips for those with Diabetes
July 03, 2014
Summertime brings barbeques, parties, and trips, but it can also bring unhealthy foods and habits. The good news is that you can enjoy summer fun and stay on track with your healthy living goals. Try ... Continue reading »

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